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Our Products

Agile Boost has a strong research and development team providing customers with ready-to-use and cost-effective solutions which can instantly boost your business performances with full agility.

Agile ERP

Agile ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning system aimed at medium and small enterprises.
  • Development based on our Agile ERP baseline by using the latest Ruby On Rails framework
  • Modules including: Production Planning, Purchasing, Inventory Control, Sales, Financial, Human Resource, Assets, Distribution
  • Integrated with Agile PLM(Product Lifecycle Management) engine
  • Powerful and flexiable workflow engine and reporting system

Agile FSM (a.k.a. KingKang FSM)

Agile FSM, a.k.a. KingKang FSM, is a state-of-the-art Finite State Machine for industries with high performance and flexibility requirements. It controls process, especially in Semi-condutor/Solar CIM process. Agile FSM's high flexibility allows user to customize processes. User can built their existing resource/code via wrapping them according to KingKang Object Model standard and apply them into KingKang Finit State Machine easily.
High flexibility
  • Agile FSM implements Harel State Chart [2] which provides extremely high flexibility to model your business process.
  • Agile FSM extends Harel State Chart and conventional state machine. In Harel State Chart and conventional state machine, a transition [3] can NOT occur if its source state is active. In industrial practice, the event used to trigger a transition is generated by other system or application normally, if source state of a transition is NOT active, the message will be lost. Agile FSM has a perfect solution to this problem.
Integration Development Environment (IDE)
  • Agile FSM provides a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) development envroment.
  • One-click-to-compile. Your FSM will be compiled to a .Net assembly within the IDE by simply one click to "Compile" Button in IDE. Yes, it's just simple like that.
Compile-Time Validation and Checking
  • Existing products in market usually use VBScript/JavaScript for their scripting language. There isn’t compiling time check for those weak-type scripts. User can only find syntax error or type error when they execute the FSM.
  • Agile FSM uses C# as the script language. Any syntax error and typo error will be reported to you directly during compilation. Finally, IDE will compile your FSM to a .Net assembly. Therefore, there isn’t runtime parsing and interpretation
KingKang Object Model (KOM) integration
  • KOM defines a standard how to define and organize your service provider. The basic conceptions are Solution, Module, Service and Dictionary.
  • A FSM can be binded to a solution so that any method can be appointed as the state entry action, exit action or transition action provided by services of the solution.
  • Any event provided by services of the solution can be appointed as the transition event.
  • Any output of event and method can be mapped into your FSM data model.
What can we do with Agile FSM?
  • Second development platform. Agile FSM can be used as framework to develop any application
  • We also provide advanced solution for factory automation and equipment automation in high performance and flexibility required industries

Agile Uptime

Agile uptime is a stand-alone, third party servers/services monitor. Server uptime report will be generated automatically on monthly basis or based on user demanded time frame.
Agile uptime simulates a client and monitors the following servers/services at application layer,
  • FTP
  • DNS
Agile uptime provides end-user functions as below,
  • Server/service down/up notification via SMS and/or Email
  • Server/service status change record and report
  • Real-time server/service uptime report
  • Service/service uptime monthly report